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Ashley Bryan

Ashley Bryan

Our Story

Life in the Moment grew out of the experiences of a wife and mother whose own mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

After the shock of the news, she got to work learning everything she could about Alzheimer’s, combing the internet, the library, the bookstore and sitting down with support groups and doctors.  But it was an enormous, time-consuming task.

“As I was literally flailing for information and support, I began to wonder: How many other sons and daughters were researching, asking questions, creating plans and being terrified that they weren’t doing enough?  I thought, there has to be a better way.”
–Ashley Bryan, Life in the Moment founder

That better way is now here.  With Life in the Moment, the information, tools and support you need are available whenever you need them.  It gives you back the most valuable gift you can have as a caregiver: time to make the most of life with your loved one.

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