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Living With Alzheimer's >> Day-To-Day Issues | 04.24.15

Dressing: helping make appropriate choices

Due to a combination of physical and cognitive impairments, people with dementia may have problems dressing themselves in an appropriate manner. Clothing may be put on backward or in the wrong order. Disorientation with time may also cause them to choose clothing that does not fit the weather or the season.

How should you respond?

First, identify whether the problem with a person’s ability to dress is a physical problem or a cognitive issue. Ask if you can help and then subtly guide them toward clothing that fits the current circumstances. To preserve their sense of dignity, let them do as much as they are able to do without undue assistance.

Don’t impose your fashion tastes on someone who is comfortable with their own choices, especially if they will be staying at home. Simply make sure the person is comfortable in their clothing and assure them that you are there to assist them if they need help with anything.


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