Resources tagged with accusations


Living With Alzheimer's >> What They're Feeling | 04.24.15

Paranoia: feelings of fear and mistrust People with Alzheimer’s and other dementias can grow distrustful and suspicious of those around them — even those closest to them. This can lead to unrealistic fears, as well as hurtful accusations that caregivers or other individuals are out to harm them, steal things or cheat them in some…


Misplacing Objects

Living With Alzheimer's >> Day-To-Day Issues | 04.24.15

Misplacing objects: the frustration of losing things Losing track of the occasional item is something that happens to everyone. Remember the feeling of frustration the last time you couldn’t find your car keys or the remote control? Now imagine constantly misplacing items that are important to you. Imagine the desperation of not being able to…

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