Resources tagged with Agitation


Living With Alzheimer's >> Behavior Basics | 04.28.15

Agitation: calming down an excitable situation Becoming agitated or restless are common symptoms of people with dementia. This can be due to external factors, such as loud noises or crowded environments. Or the causes may be physical or emotional, such as hunger or boredom. When a loved one becomes agitated, try to remain calm and…


Anger and Frustration

Living With Alzheimer's >> What They're Feeling | 04.24.15

Anger and Frustration: when emotions run high The changes brought on by Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia can be extremely frustrating for the individual experiencing these issues. The gradual loss of control, as well as physical challenges, combine to create strong emotional reactions that sometimes erupt as fits of anger. For a caregiver, this…

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