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An Alzheimer’s Overview

Understanding Alzheimer's | 04.27.15

What is Alzheimer’s? Alzheimer’s Disease is a form of dementia, a family of conditions that cause memory and behavior problems which interfere with the activities of daily life. The symptoms tend to begin gradually and then get progressively worse with the passage of time.  Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia, accounting for up…


Anger and Frustration

Living With Alzheimer's >> What They're Feeling | 04.24.15

Anger and Frustration: when emotions run high The changes brought on by Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia can be extremely frustrating for the individual experiencing these issues. The gradual loss of control, as well as physical challenges, combine to create strong emotional reactions that sometimes erupt as fits of anger. For a caregiver, this…



Living With Alzheimer's >> Day-To-Day Issues | 04.24.15

Communication: the invisible barrier. Problems with communication are an inevitable and distressing consequence of dementia. It’s often a two-way street: the person with dementia cannot articulate their thoughts, so caregivers are in the dark about their wants and their needs; and the person with dementia also cannot understand what is being said to them by…

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