Resources tagged with Driving

Driving Safety

Living With Alzheimer's >> Creating a Safe Environment | 04.24.15

Driving Safety—when to take the keys away Driving is among a person’s first signs of independence as an adult. As far as some are concerned, it is almost an inalienable right. That explains why, although necessary, taking away the freedom to drive due to impaired abilities is a step that’s often strenuously resisted by people…


Signs and Symptoms

Diagnosing Alzheimer's | 04.13.15

Signs and Symptoms It’s a stressful time when a loved one exhibits out-of-the-ordinary behaviors, especially those involving memory loss and impaired cognitive abilities. What’s behind these sudden changes? What should I do in response? Is it time to call the doctor? The early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia are often confused with the normal…

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