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Living With Alzheimer's >> What They're Feeling | 04.24.15

Paranoia: feelings of fear and mistrust People with Alzheimer’s and other dementias can grow distrustful and suspicious of those around them — even those closest to them. This can lead to unrealistic fears, as well as hurtful accusations that caregivers or other individuals are out to harm them, steal things or cheat them in some…



Living With Alzheimer's >> Day-To-Day Issues | 04.24.15

Hoarding: when clutter becomes a problem If your mother’s once immaculate home is suddenly cluttered with piles of old newspapers and magazines, the refrigerator is stuffed with food far past its prime, or kitchen drawers are jammed with used paper plates and cups, you may be witnessing the beginning of hoarding behavior. In the early…


The Stages of Alzheimer’s

Understanding Alzheimer's >> An Alzheimer's Overview | 04.23.15

Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease and there are definite stages that have been identified by the Alzheimer’s Association. Knowing what to expect during each of these stages can help you plan the appropriate response as a caregiver. Keep in mind, however, that the duration of each stage is unknown and unpredictable. Much depends on the…

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